If you decide to choose the method of payment by percentage or monetary share based on the security sold, you will not have any particular contractual obligations. You can decide not to use the app at any time and if you do not sell any tickets you will not be asked to pay anything.

In the event that you decide to pay a fixed fee per month you will have to pay it for the period established at the signing of the contract. 

However long a line may be, it won’t take you more than two hours. 

As soon as you have logged in to MyTicketSolution you can start configuring your line.

Our team will support you in the initial configuration phase, so as to show you how to create it in the shortest possible time.

No cost, the software is ready to use.

You will not have to make any initial investments to purchase software or hardware. Once the logins are created, you can start using MTS from any device with an internet connection.

Of course, you will always have one of our operators available to support you and your collaborators. We guarantee you a personalized and free assistance service from Monday to Friday (9: 00-13: 00; 14: 00-18: 00).

Tickets sold will always be cashed directly by you on one or more payment gateways.

The currently available gateways are five.: Unicredit, Paypal, Banca Sella, BNL e BNL Phey.

If you use different gateways don’t worry, we will endeavor to make them available on MTS as quickly as possible.

Of course! In case the on-board operators lose the connection they can continue to operate offline. When the connection is re-established, the data will be automatically entered and saved in the system.

Yes, within MyTicketSolution there is a reporting section where you can view useful information for your business in real time. Inside you will find detailed reports on the type of tickets sold, any refunds, additions, collections from drivers and much more.

Yes, there is an area dedicated to the management of refunds for any travel document. You will be able to easily view, issue and configure your refund rules.

Of course, we care about your privacy and that of your travelers! The software used fully complies with all the rules relating to the GDPR.

For more information you can read the privacy policy.

Yes, there is a dedicated area for managing travel tickets with various validity options such as temporal, daily, solar, and limited number of accesses.

Certainly, you can convert a voucher into a ticket with or without collecting the corresponding value directly from the on-board operator’s app.